"Non-daily life, but feel comfortable"
Shall we go to find Japanese fascination.


We hope to produce "the third home" for visitors.
Igusa is material for TATAMI which is loved by Japanese since long time ago.
"Non-daily life, but feel comfortable"
We can provide the place where you feel like that.
Igusa is no exist in a downtown.
Since the real fascination in Japan is exist in countryside.
Please enjoy your trip with igusa.


  • No charged below 5 years old child
    * defference for each hotel
  • All rooms non-smoking
    ※Some of facilities has smoking area
  • There is a kitchen
  • Including washing machine
    ※bring laundry detergent yourself
  • Free parking
  • Free Wi-Fi
    ※ Some facilities only
  • Tourist attraction area
  • There is a activity
    * with facilities

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